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Policy Options

Benefits of an Expanded Owner's Policy compared to a Standard ALTA Owner Policy.

With the average premium for an Expanded Policy at only 10% more, the tremendous amount of additional coverage is well worth it! And if the Seller doesn't want expanded coverage, we highly recommend you pay the minimal difference so you can have maximum coverage for your investment.

Standard vs. Enhanced Policy Options

Surveyors Equipment
Coverage Comparison
ALTA Owner Policy
Expanded Policy
Any discrepancies or conflicts in boundary lines, any shortages in area, or any encumbrances or overlapping of improvements.
Any facts, rights, interests, or claims not shown by the public record but that could be ascertained by an accurate survey of the land or by making inquiry of persons in possession thereof.
Easements, liens, encumbrances or claims thereof not shown by public record.
Any lien or right to lien for services, labor or material imposed by law and not shown by the public record.
Gap Coverage
Cloud on Title
Easement by Prescription
Expanded Access
Structural Damage
Building Permit Violations
Encroach Boundary Walls/Fences
Zoning Violations
Citations of Restrictions
Subdivision Violations
Living Trust Coverage
Automatic Increase in Coverage
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